Alaskan Art and Northwest Coast Art
at Home & Away Gallery

Native Alaskan and Northwest Coast arts encompass an enormously varied body of styles. At Home & Away, we focus on items made from ivory, bone and wood; however, the ever-innovative Lawrence Ahvakana (Inupiaq) has brought his talent to bear on the contemporary medium of glass. As one of the pioneers in Native American glass work, Ahvakana has studied with glass masters and has also taught glass making.

Jerry Jacob Laktonen's masks have won awards at many major Native American art shows. Most of Laktonen's research is done in books and museums, since the Alutiiq people lost many cultural treasures to European traders, conquerors and anthropologists. Laktonen's contemporary masks pay tribute to his ancestors' work, yet they incorporate contemporary media and an aesthetic sensibility that differentiates them from the originals and identifies them as contemporary 21st century work.

Nakwesee and Augustus, of OtterBear Studio, pay tribute to the Kwakiutl culture, a rich heritage that allows them to concentrate on animals that are culturally important as well as meaningful to them personally. Nakwesee's family was welcomed into the Kwakiutl fold a generation ago; Augustus has been adopted by both the Kwakiutl and the Cherokee Nation, the other side of Nakwesee's heritage.

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