2013 Special Events at Home & Away Gallery

Petersite pendant by Amelia Joe-Chandler
May 18 (one day only):
Passamaquoddy basket weaver Jeremy Frey
will be demonstrating weaving, giving a talk, and dscussing his work at Home & Away Gallery. Frey won Best of Show awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and at the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market in 2012. See examples of Frey's work here...

Petersite pendant by Amelia Joe-Chandler
June 1 - June 30:
We are honored to be hosting Generations: a Family Affair. (art by three generations of the Longfish family) George Longfish has had a long career in art, education, and curating. Longifsh's children: Dela, Austin, and Stella are all talented artists in various stages of their careers. Now, the third generation of Longfish artists is emerging.

Opening reception June 1, 4 to 6 PM.

Petersite pendant by Amelia Joe-Chandler
June 14, 15, 16
Lakota inlay artist Kevin Pourier winner of the Santa Fe Indian Market Innovation award, 2012 Best of Classification, (and more) brings his work to Home & Away Gallery. Kevin's wife Valerie will accompany him. See examples of the Pouriers' work here...

June 14, 15, 16
Cliff Fragua, a well respected sculptor from Jemez Pueblo, will be joining us along with Kevin Pourier and Valerie Morgan.
See a sample of Fragua's work by clicking here...

June 28, 29, 30:
IACA's 2011 Artist of the Year Earl Plummer, Navajo inlay artist, returns to Kennebunkport. This young Navajo's inlaid jewelry is beautifully designed and meticulously executed. See examples of Plummer's work here...

Mid-October: Release of the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection 2013. Watch our website for the prints in late
August or early September.