Beaded Tennis Shoes - Mothers and Daughters by Teri Greeves, Kiowa

These shoes were featured in PBS' Craft in America program.

Artist's statement: "The idea for these shoes came from my relationship with my mother. My mom had both my sister and me dancing before we were out of diapers. It is through this loving maternal relationship that I received my love and admiration for all contemporary Indian women dancers and their beautiful clothing.

"The figures on these shoes represent four styles of dance and four styles of dress used today among the Southern and Northern Plains tribes. The mother and daughter in green are wearing Southern cloth dresses and dance to the slower, deeper drum beat of the Southern Plains drums. The mother and daughter in pale blue are wearing and dancing the Northern Plains jingle. Their dresses are covered in cones made of snuff can lids that make noise as they dance. The mother and daughter in red are Crows from Montana. Their dresses are very distinct; no other tribe wears this style of red wool dress covered in elk eye-teeth. Finally, the mother and daughter in periwinkle blue are wearing shawls and doing the Fancy Dance. This is one of the newest styles of dance done today, having been born from the pow-wow trail and the desire of women to dance as athletically as their male counterpart in the early 1960's.

"Our culture and our dances have changed through the years with the introduction of new materials and tools. Some of what I know as "traditional" today would mean nothing to my grandmother. For me, the intent of what one mother passes down to her daughter through the changing knowledge of dress style and dance style - this is survival."

Teri Greeves

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